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Events on the Move makes your international trade show and conference shipping easy and stress-free. Our experienced team of customs knowledgeable staff will complete all of your customs documentation – ensuring top priority for customs clearance.

Because Events on the Move specializes in meetings and trade shows, we understand the time sensitivity of your freight. We know how to qualify for duty and tax relief. We can arrange for on-site customs clearance.

We know you can’t afford to have your shipment stuck in customs. No matter where you are in the world, we’ll ensure your international shipments move seamlessly across borders.

Our customs brokerage services include:

  • Completing all your documentation for customs.
  • Arranging for pick-up of your shipment at your business and delivery to the hotel or conference centre during the move-in of the event.
  • Providing advice about how to streamline the customs clearance process.
  • Obtaining a Letter of Recognition from Canada Customs that can reduce the exhibitor’s duty and tax when applicable.
  • When duties and taxes are applicable, we will the duty and tax on your behalf.
  • Arranging for on-site customs clearance (at the hotel or convention centre rather than at the border) where possible.
  • On-site presence and 24/7 availability to immediately handle any issues that arise.
  • Managing outbound shipping after the event.

Events on the Move can also help in advance of your event by:

  • Assisting with the sales process (speaking to potential associations or corporations about where to hold their event).
  • Helping the association build exhibitor attendance.
  • Advising the show manager or exhibitor about the planning process for shipping to ensure duty and tax implications are identified and that shipping timelines are established.