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Shipping freight to trade shows and meetings can be tricky. Hotels and convention centres will only accept freight during a specified time, which might not work for your carrier, and they are usually unable to store materials before or after the event.

Events on the Move provides extra service to eliminate hassles and headaches for exhibitors, show managers and host venues.

  • Complete service. Events on the Move delivers shipments right to the booth or meeting room. Most other service providers only deliver freight to the loading dock of the hotel or convention centre; we take that extra step to ensure your peace of mind. The Events on the Move team will be there any time of day, any day of the week to ensure your shipment ends up in the right place at the right time.
  • Free advanced warehousing. Our clients have access to our free advanced warehousing. We’ll accept your freight at our bonded warehouse up to a month in advance, allowing for greater flexibility and cost savings for your shipping. And you can store your empty boxes and crates with us during the event at no cost.
  • Worry-free return shipping. After the event, we make sure the move-out goes smoothly. Since most events end after business hours when carriers aren’t available, you can count on our team to move the shipment, store it at our warehouse if necessary and ensure it is safely loaded with your carrier.